Bring in the Rain

It’s Hot

Jet Ski

Oh July is here and so is the Summer heat. It’s the perfect time to soak in the sun and make pitchers of lemonade and iced tea. These times give us great memories and a few sunburns to boot. Remember, lots of water and sunscreen, maybe a cold one or two, and your summer will be a great one.

In the water:

As we dust off those jet ski’s and boats, let’s remember that they need some loving too. No different than your car these fun vehicles should be insured to protect them and others while you are out enjoying the sun. Let us know if you own or plan on buying one so we can protect you and your loved ones as they ride the waves.

Bring in the Rain

Bring in the Rain

Bring in the Rain

Water, Water, everywhere: Texas weather seems to have its own mind when it decides to grace us with is presence. All to often will it rain for days on end, or for just 10 minutes before clearing to be the sunny humid day we all try to get accustomed to. It seems that the summer months bring the worst of it. Within our area and especially the closer we get to the Gulf, the many bodies of water will begin to rise, and in many cases overflow. So many flood maps I have seen have streams or a pond near homes that with just the slightest nudge can cause major damage. FEMA marks the risk you have in a non flood zone as flooding at least once in a 100 year time span. I have a friend who when buying a house was told by the neighbors that there has never been a flood in that area. Going on what they thought was sound advice when May 2016 came around every neighbor including themselves would suffer at a 3 day rain storm. Even with some houses only getting an inch in their homes the later effects of that water damage have cost them dearly. Getting flood insurance is easy and very affordable. On average if you live in a non-flood plain the cost of a year term is $450 or $1.23 a day. As every home policy does not cover flood this simple addition can give you the peace of mind that you can weather any storm.


What Does Your Auto Policy Really Cover?

Unfortunately, the unforeseen does happen. In the event of these type of strange circumstances, many vehicle owners are left out in the cold by their insurance company. Many discount auto policies simply do not cover these types of claims. With Conroe Insurance, you can rest assured that we make caring for our customers a top priority. We would be glad to discuss your current policy and help address all your coverage needs. Please contact us here to set up an appointment or ask us any questions. Be sure to also visit our Texas Auto Insurance page. If you are interest in a quick quote, please click here.


Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Host home insurance policies do not cover flood damage, even flooding from the inside out. However, many home owners are unaware that their home is not covered for such events. Every home owner should know the details about their policy and what type of potential damage would be covered in the most unfortunate of times. We are eager to help our clients understand the coverage of their insurance policy. Contact us today for help with your insurance questions or schedule an office visit. You can also find more information on our Texas Home Insurance page or you can even get a quick free quote here.


Would Your Home Be Covered?

Unfortunately, many homes would not be covered in such an event and this scenario happens more often than most would expect. It is very important to know which risk factors your home insurance policy actually covers. We all love our pets but often overlook what they may be capable of damaging or destroying. If you have pets, be sure that your policy coverage is sufficient for any damage they may cause. For help with this matter, contact our office today to set up an appointment. We are always glad to help and can discuss what insurance coverage would be best for your needs. For more information, visit our Texas Home Insurance page or get a free quote now.


Conroe Home Insurance

Home insurance too often does not cover the unexpected. This is a very important matter for any home owner. Choosing the right home insurance provider can mean the difference between securing and loosing a life savings. We offer several types of home insurance each with many flexible options. Be sure so visit our Texas Home Insurance page to learn more or contact our office today to set up an appointment. We are located near FM 1448 and FM 2978.